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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

"We Fight to Have a Seat at Any Table We Want." Watch a New Featurette on David Oyelowo's Amazing Performance in SELMA

I said it before in my review, and I'll say it again: David Oyelowo delivered one of the best performances this year in SELMA. And Goodness knows Paramount is promoting the hell out of this film, and especially his performance. But this new featurette, comprised of some of the actor's most arresting clips from the film, opens with what I still consider the best scene in the film -- when Martin Luther King Jr. pays a visit to Cager Lee (Henry G. Sanders) who's mourning the murder of his grandson, Jimmie Lee Jackson (Keith Stansfield). The entire dialogue in that scene just punches you in the gut (it's abbreviated here to make room in the video package, but you can get some of the effect here).

Also featured are co-star Oprah Winfrey and director Ava Duvernay, who are both singing Oyelowo's praises for his amazing portrayal. I still really wish that other actors in the film got a chance to shine, but I'm sure Oyelowo will rack up more recognition as award season continues.

SELMA opens nationwide Friday, January 9th.


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