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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Liam Hemsworth, John Malkovich and Billy Bob Thornton Star in the Small Town Thriller CUT BANK

Goodness knows I love (and sincerely miss) FX's Sons of Anarchy, and I'd typically be interested in hearing about writer Roberto Patino's upcoming project, CUT BANK, if wasn't a small town thriller. Lately I've been watching too many so-called "all-American thrillers" like Little Accidents, Cold in July, All Them Bodies Saints and Out of the Furnace that have all ended up boring me to tears. Coen brothers films they are not (though they too have disappointed recently). Despite CUT BANK's starry cast, which includes Liam Hemsworth, Teresa Palmer, John Malkovich, Billy Bob Thornton and Bruce Dern, I'm still very meh about it. Read up on it:

Dwayne McLaren (Liam Hemsworth) dreams about escaping small town life in Cut Bank, Montana, “the coldest spot in the nation,” with his vivacious girlfriend Cassandra (Teresa Palmer). When Dwayne witnesses an awful crime, he tries to leverage a bad situation into a scheme to get rich quickly but he finds that fate and an unruly accomplice are working against him. Thrust into the middle of a police investigation spearheaded by the local sheriff (John Malkovich), everything goes from bad to worse in this all-American thriller.

Matt Shakman, who's exclusively known for his TV credits like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Revenge, directed the film. CUT BANK will debut on DIRECTV February 26th, and open in theaters April April 3rd. Watch the trailer:



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