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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

David Oyelowo to Star as a Real-Life Murderer and Accused Rapist in CAPTIVE

Honestly, every time I hear that David Oyelowo has been cast in a new film, I feel like doing a little cheerleader chant. I am just so thrilled that he is finally getting the recognition he deserves. Even better, he's not being pidgeon holed into any one particular role. From stepping into the giant shoes of Martin Luther King in Selma to playing a long distance love interest in the upcoming Americanah adaptation, he has proven that he's not a one-note

But he has yet to play a hard core villain, save for his role in the forgettable Jack Reacher (if you count that). That will change for next role in CAPTIVE, which he co-produced and stars as a real-life fugitive, murderer and accused rapist who terrorizes a woman played by Kate Mara (House of Cards). More after the jump:

The film tells the dramatic, thrilling and spiritual true story of Ashley Smith (Mara), a single mother and recovering drug addict who was taken hostage in her own apartment by fugitive, murderer and accused rapist Brian Nichols (Oyelowo). With her back against the wall, Smith turned to the personal spiritual journey of Rick Warren’s best-selling book The Purpose Driven Life in an attempt to survive and help Brian find a better way out.

The premise kinda lost me once they brought in Rick Warren and this whole "spiritual" journey. It's been a while since I've seen a spiritual story on the big screen that I didn't roll my eyes at. But Oyelowo has been pretty good about choosing films lately, and I like Mara well enough. So...I guess we'll just see how this goes. Oh, and Oyelowo's wife Jessica will appear in the film, as well as Michael K. Williams, who makes everything better. 

CAPTIVE is based on the book Unlikely Angel: The Untold Story of the Atlanta Hostage Hero by Ashley Smith with Stacy Mattingly. The film is directed by Jerry Jameson (TV's Mod Squad, Andy Griffith Show), from a screenplay by Brad Bird (Not Easily Broken, TV's Touched by an Angel). Paramount Pictures will release the film on September 18. 



Anonymous said...

This could be good. I'm not too fond of the lesser Mara, but Oyelowo is a rising star in all the right ways, and so I'm really happy he's finding interesting work. I wish this didn't feel so 'tv' based, because that could dampen the quality of the film itself, but I'm optimistic, for sure!

Brittani Burnham said...

That's a good cast, I LOVE Michael K. Williams, but I don't know if I want to watch Oweyelo as a rapist :S

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