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Monday, May 25, 2015

Can We PLEASE Make Zoë Kravitz an Action Star Already?

So I finally caught up with MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, which did two things for me: 1) restore my faith in the early summer releases (am I the only one who's been bored lately with movies, save for Avengers: Age of Ultron?) and 2) reminded me that Zoë Kravitz really needs to be considered a major action star, like now.

In short, MAD MAX: FURY ROAD is everything you've already heard it is: an exhilarating, feminist thrill ride (with a kickass soundtrack) that is filled with three-dimensional characters. Seriously though, I left the theater wanting to throw guitars and douse myself with chrome (a common cosmetic in the film's post-apocalyptic setting). But I am still left with the same question I had after watching Divergent: Why isn't Kravitz a major action star by now? Granted, Charlize Theron, the baddest b*tch in the film (and truly my latest obsession) is positively magnetic as Imperator Furiosa, Woman of Women. But Kravitz has once again shown that she can rise to the occasion as well as Toast the Knowing, a hardened victim ready to pick up a weapon and avenge her captors.

Even despite her dead eyes (something I've noticed a few years back, which describes her emotionless eyes--usually a detriment for actors), Kravitz brings a fire to this performance in just a few lines. She seamlessly goes from scared to fearless by the end of the film (also a testament to director and co-screenwriter George Miller), and though she spends the entire film wrapped in scant threads, she doesn't become a weak, flashy character to be seen and not heard.

While Kravitz portrays a supporting character, she is never an inferior character. She's a humanist; a hero in her own right, even if she must become a hero of her own self--a staggering accomplishment only few can attest to. Hollywood, take note.


Unknown said...

I don't know about major action star, but I would love to see her lead in something deep and compelling. And make it Sci-fi cause brothers and sisters should be in space.

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