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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Catch the First Look at Season 2 of TYRANT, Premiering June 16 on FX

You know those shows that are so forgettable that you can't even remember what you don't like about them? Tyrant on FX was one of those shows to me. The series follows an American family during a turbulent time in the Middle East. I remember not being able to continue watching, but I can't recall specifically what my issue was with it, other than it failed to draw me in (there were, however, many folks online who didn't care for its "whitewashed" characters).

But I think I may try to give season 2 a try (I'm going to go ahead and assume the rest of season 1 wasn't worth revisiting, so I won't even bother). It begins June 16 at 10pm on FX, and looks to bring a more personal approach to the characters as we dig deeper into their souls. More below:

Get transported to the Middle Eastern country of Abbudin where we find the city and the Al-Fayeed family in disarray and the youngest son Bassam “Barry” Al-Fayeed (Adam Rayner) in prison and sentenced to death for treason.

The new promo clip teases what else is in store for the new season, and includes interviews with stars including Rayner, Jennifer Finnigan (“Molly Al-Fayeed”), Ashraf Barhom (“Jamal Al-Fayeed”), Moran Atias (“Leila Al-Fayeed”), Alice Krige (“Amira Al-Fayeed”) and Cameron Gharaee (“Ahmed Al-Fayeed”). Watch it:

Anyone watch the first season in its entirety? What did you think?


Daniel said...

Followed it even though it's great and fairly predictable. Not the best show that FX puts out but not terrible.

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