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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Nicole Kidman's Next Film is Definitely Giving Me RABBIT HOLE-Meets-THE OTHERS Vibes

Real Talk: It's hard for me to get excited about any Nicole Kidman movie these days. After she lost the ability to express real emotion in her face (thanks to a rather strange form of "botox"), she has just become really bland. And she used to be so interesting to watch. But looking at the new trailer for STRANGERLAND with its The Others meets Rabbit Hole vibes, I can't help but be curious enough to watch it. (I mean, am I the only one who thinks The Others was one of Kidman's finest performances and films?)

Here's a little more about the "strange" new film:

When Catherine (Nicole Kidman) and Matthew Parker’s (Joseph Fiennes) two teenage children suddenly vanish in a dust storm, the couple's relationship is pushed to the brink as they confront the mystery of their children’s disappearance in the soaring desert heat. Also stars Hugo Weaving.

Watch the trailer:

Anyone else oddly attracted to this project? STRANGERLAND, which also stars Joseph Fiennes, Hugo Weaving, is in theaters and on demand on July 10.


Anonymous said...

You're not one of the only ones! I thought she was incredible in The Others, and some days think she was better there than in Moulin Rouge! (some days)...

I'm nervous about this one, but I'm sure I'll see it eventually...and I'm with you on her face.

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