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Friday, September 11, 2015

So...This is Apparently Still Happening

It's hard for me to take any Nina Simone movie that is not What Happened, Miss Simone? seriously at this point. Because, quite simply, that is in fact the Nina Simone movie. No new movie needs to be made about her. Period. So, yeah...about NINA, this Zoe Saldana as a fake Nina Simone movie, I'll pass. I love Saldana and all, but for real? This movie looks so forced it's laughable.

But anyway, RLJ Entertainment (founded by Robert L. Johnson, RLJE Chairman and Founder of Black Entertainment Television (BET), announced yesterday via press release that it has acquired all U.S. rights to NINA, based on the life of the iconic songstress. More from the release:

NINA traces the career of legendary American singer-songwriter and civil rights activist, Nina Simone (Saldana). The story follows her struggle to balance music, family and what she believes in, which leaves her living alone in France feeling exiled from her own country. That is, until she meets Clifton Henderson (David Oyelowo) who helps the high priestess of soul rediscover meaning in her life and music, and to once again embrace America. NINA reflects both her and the people she gave voice to in both their search for redemption and hope in America during the 1960’s.


NINA will be released in theaters in December 2015.


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