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Monday, October 12, 2015

Yep, JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS Still Looks Horrendous

You guys already know what I think about this new JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS movie, so I won't go rehashing my anguish in this post. Like, how it looks better suited as a low-grade Disney Channel film than anything that should pass as a blockbuster film that is supposed to excite fans of the original 80s series (because it's not). I mean, have you seen this trailer?

I can't even deal. Anyway, read the synopsis:

As a small-town girl catapults from underground video sensation to global superstar, she and her three sisters begin a one-in-a-million journey of discovering that some talents are too special to keep hidden. In Universal Pictures' Jem and the Holograms, four aspiring musicians will take the world by storm when they see that the key to creating your own destiny lies in finding your own voice.
I know, super basic.

Universal just released a few new images from the film that I've included below. Check 'em out:

I weep for Juliette Lewis and Molly Ringwald. JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS hits theaters October 23. 


Brittani Burnham said...

This movie still hasn't came out yet? I thought it already did. lol

It does look horrendous.

ShantaFabulous said...

*curls up in a ball and weeps*

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