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Thursday, December 3, 2015

I Hope the New Poehler/Fey Comedy is Funny

I know, most of us love the comedy magic effortlessly created by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. I love them too, and I secretly wish I could be their BFF. Buuuuut I don't like their movies. Like, at all. I don't like the movies they're in together, or even the ones they're in separately. Further, I was not able to get into Parks & Recreation (but I did love 30 Rock).  It's like they are only worth watching when they're hosting an award show. Sad but true.

I say this all to say that I am super lukewarm, like borderline cold, on SISTERS, their new film collaboration which sees the two estranged actresses as sisters who reunite in their old family home. More:

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler reunite for Sisters, a new film from Pitch Perfect director Jason Moore about two disconnected sisters summoned home to clean out their childhood bedroom before their parents sell the family house. Looking to recapture their glory days, they throw one final high-school-style party for their classmates, which turns into the cathartic rager that a bunch of ground-down adults really need.

Fingers crossed this is good. 

SISTERS opens December 18. 


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