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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Any Award Show that Nominates JUPITER ASCENDING for Worst Movie of the Year is Good in My Book

You can always count on Twitter to find a contrarian (though that's usually me). But, silly me, I took comfort in the idea that we could all come together as a people and agree on today's announcement of the Razzies list of the worst of everything in film last year. Alas, I log onto Twitter this morning and folks were in an outrage over such b.s. like Fifty Shades of Grey being nominated for worst picture of the year. 

Seriously? All of a sudden, the critics who panned Fifty Shades are now defending it? Oh, how quickly we develop short-term memory...

All I know is if anyone says Jupiter Ascending, also nominated for worst picture of the year, is at all a good movie, they can come see me. I'll set them straight, then laugh in their faces. I mean, come on, Eddie Redymayne's nonsensical, over-the-top performance in the film was enough to take ALL the Razzies. 

Check out the complete list of nominations via USA Today


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