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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Are You Ready for Another Horror Anthology?

As you know, I have been hugely disappointed by recent horror anthologies (looking at you, V/H/S), so hearing about a new one coming out doesn't really bring the same excitement it would have, say, two years ago. But I am somewhat intrigued by the presentation of the narrative of SOUTHBOUND, which has several different directors contributing to each of the five interlocking films in the series, produced by Roxanne Benjamin (ironically, of V/H/S fame).

Here's more on SOUTHBOUND:

Weary travellers confront their worst nightmares — and darkest secrets — over one long night on a desolate stretch of desert highway in this spooky anthology that merges five tales of death and mayhem on the open road.

Mitch and Jack are on the run from their past when they turn up, blood-splattered, at a lonely roadside diner; an all-girl rock group called Siren must rely on the kindness of strangers when their tour van breaks down at the side of the road; a harried business-man is desperate for help from an unusual 911 operator in the aftermath of a car accident; a frantic gunman bursts into a bar demanding to know the whereabouts of a girl in a photograph; all hell breaks loose when masked men interrupt a family vacation.

I will remain cautiously optimistic until SOUTHBOUND hits select theaters February 5, and VOD on February 9. What say you?


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