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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

It's Time We've Had a Chat About What's Going On With Sarah Jessica Parker's Career

I like Sarah Jessica Parker. I really do. So I say with grave concern that I don't know WTF is going on with her career right now. I mean, she went from playing Carrie Bradshaw, an iconic TV character on Sex and the City, to playing a slew of characters that were not only uninteresting but carelessly written (though the less-than-perfect holiday film, The Family Stone, remains at the best of the worst list).

So, what's going on? The short answer is: I don't know. The long answer is, well, you know how kind Hollywood is to women who are 50+ 40+ (and not named Meryl Streep or Julia Roberts). It's tough. Parker is playing the same wilted character over and over again. And I am running out of patience. I need her to get into a drama or a sci-fi film, quick.

I mean, just check out the synopsis of her upcoming film, ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME:

Revolves around an uptight woman named Maggie (Parker) and her former Italian lover, Luca, who go on a road trip across scenic Italy pursuing Maggie's rebellious teenage daughter who tries desperately to return to New York while Luca's mother is on a secret mission of love.

This sounds like one hundred other aggressively mediocre movies. To make matters worse, the eternally underutilized Paz Vega is also in this movie, which makes me weep real tears. Watch the trailer:

ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME hits theaters and VOD on February 5. 


Boo A-C said...

it seems to me that she's found a nice comfy niche that keeps paying well. kinda like how liam neeson churns out an action film every year she churns out one of these.

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