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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New Blog Series: WoC Film Critics and Visibility

A few weeks ago I was browsing my Twitter feed, as I do, when I noticed this Atlantic article highlighting the scarcity of women film critics was getting a ton of re-tweets. Naturally, I was curious--partly I'm always interested in learning about other women critics, and also because it's comforting to hear the similar experiences of women who share your industry.

But I didn't get any of that from the article. Sure, I was introduced to a few women who I hadn't already encountered in my daily film travels, but their stories (while vaguely familiar) still sounded so distant from my own. Essentially, the piece lamented on the lack of white women film critics and white women in front of and behind the camera--with a peripheral, halfhearted mention about how it's worse for women of color (including Latinas, Asian Americans and Indian Americans) in the field. You've got that right. But that was it. It was merely an acknowledgment. 

And that stuck with me, for weeks. So much so that I have decided to lead a blog series titled "What's It's Really Like to Be a WoC Film Blogger" that will illuminate the voices of WoC in a way that is often ignored, or simply a footnote, in mainstream media--and even among MoC critics. Too often we're ignored, misunderstood, and disregarded. We're not even asked our opinion when it comes to, say, the lack of diversity in regards to the Oscars (like this New York Times article). Things like #OscarsSoWhite are dictated and justified to us with our responses quickly dismissed and overlooked. Somehow they've gotten comfortable with having a discussion about marginalization without including those who are actually marginalized. It's gone too far for too long. 

For the next few weeks, I'll feature posts from a variety of WoC film critics who share their experiences writing about the industry on their own sites. Stay tuned!

P.S. If any of you are interested in participating in this series, please contact me!


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