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Saturday, April 16, 2016

THE BIRTH OF A NATION is About to Take All the Awards, Or So Help Us God

I'm pretty sure the new trailer for actor/director Nate Parker's THE BIRTH OF A NATION is pictured right next to the phrase "Oscar bait" in the dictionary. Because, I can see it now, his story of Nat Turner's monumental slavery rebellion will win all of the awards next season--or catch the wrath of #BlackTwitter. Check it out:

My thoughts on the film haven't really changed from my earlier post about it back in February, but I am here for the Nate Parker takeover. The trailer is extremely well edited. And I love that Billie Holiday's classic "Strange Fruit" is playing throughout the entire trailer. So on the nose, but so perfect nonetheless.

THE BIRTH OF A NATION is in theaters October 7. 


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