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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Tribeca Sneak Peek: The Mystifying Danish Drama, PARENTS

So, I can't confidently say I am certain of what's even going on in this trailer for PARENTS, the new Danish drama premiering at Tribeca Film Festival this year. But I am engrossed. I am getting strong The One I Love vibes, which is giving me a lot of hope that this story that follows an aging couple looking to rekindle their romance in their own residence might in fact turn into a genre-defying conundrum. Here's more about it:

When their son Esben moves away from home, middle-aged Danish couple, Kjeld and Vibeke, become uncertain of their own path of existence; his absence leaving them with a feeling of needlessness. Attempting to revive the magic sparks of their younger days, they move into their old student apartment where they first fell in love. Recapturing their youth is literally changing them in strange and unexpected ways. And as they wake up one morning to find that they are actually now thirty years younger, they are forced to realise, that the past they once knew might no longer exist.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, this is one of the films on my list to see at the festival. So I plan to have a review for you soon. Stay tuned... 


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