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Friday, June 24, 2016

A Little Heads Up Next Time, Showtime

Ugh. After creating my fantasy conclusion of the epic ordeals of Lily (Billi Piper) and Vanessa (Eva Green) on Penny Dreadful, Showtime had to one up me by pulling the plug on both of them with the surprise series finale last week. On the one hand, I praise the network for pulling off the impossible in this day and age of spoiler-rich Internet forums: shock value. But on the other hand, I could have used a heads up to prepare myself for the gut-wrenching finale.

As I nurse my wounds over a show with which I had a love/hate (but mostly, admirable) relationship, Showtime managed to piece together a modest--yet satisfying--consolation prize: a compilation video of be-scenes footage from each episode this season. And it looks like despite its sinister premise, the cast enjoyed a lot of silly moments off camera.

Check it out:



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