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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Condola Rashad Looks Troubled Yet Menacing in a New Film Directed by Oscar Nominee Milcho Manchevski

Can I just say how much I am fascinated by Condola Rashad's career? Daughter of Madame Phylicia Rashad (most known as the matriarch of The Cosby Show, who's carved a spectacular career beyond that across all media platforms), Condola is a two-time Tony Award nominee (Stick Fly, The Trip to the Bountiful) who's appeared in Money MonsterElementary, Steel Magnolias (Lifetime), Smash, Billions, and Master of None. And now she's starring in an enigmatic new movie directed and co-written by Oscar nominee Milcho Manchevski (Before The Rain).

According to a brief press release issued Tuesday, BIKINI "tells the story of a documentary filmmaker and his girlfriend who take a charismatic but troubled woman into their home, turning their lives upside down." Judging from the photo above, I'm guessing Rashad plays the "troubled woman."The film is reportedly walks a thin line between reality and fiction, which makes it that much more mysterious (that and the fact we don't have a whole lot of information on the premise, yet).

Production in New York has just wrapped, so expect to hear more about this soon.


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