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Friday, July 8, 2016

Anna Kendrick is the Latest Victim of the Romantic Comedy Trap


How did this happen? Oh I know, because she is young, perky, has an Oscar nomination (Up in the Air), a dedicated social media audience, and white. I guess it sounds like a good enough formula as ever to elect Anna Kendrick the new romcom princess. Just note: it didn't work out so much Katherine Heigl, who is still crawling her way back into pop culture's good graces (good luck with that).

Show of hands: how many of you watched Mr. Right and how many of you plan to see Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates? Be honest; I won't judge you (not harshly, at least). I'm just saying, as beloved as Kendrick seems to be, Hollywood doesn't seem to be basking in her glory since she keeps finding herself in B-looking comedies that look to recreate a John Hughes appeal, but end up...not having much of an audience. She's a decent actress (though the only film I really liked her in was Paranorman, and she was a cartoon so...), but she she needs to redirect her career stat before it gets too late.

Which brings me to the trailer for her new film, TABLE 19 (she's cranking them out like a machine), which also stars Craig Robinson, June Squibb, and Lisa Kudrow. Check it out:

Again, some trailers are just badly edited, so maybe this is a great movie that will be a cute date movie or girls night out. But as of right now, I am very, very lukewarm on this. Anyone else?

TABLE 19 is slated to hit theaters January 20.


Brittani Burnham said...

I really like Anna Kendrick and I think she's hilarious on Twitter, but acting wise, her strength is drama. (or musical) I hope she goes back to that, or at least starts making good comedies.

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