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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

IFP FILM WEEK: Rose McGowan - Unfiltered, Ambitious, and Tired of Hollywood Bulls**t

Few other women in Hollywood have given it a bigger middle finger than Rose McGowan. We all know about the double standards, racism, sexism, ageism, and all the other lovely perks of being in the show they call biz. But McGowan, who you may know from Scream, Jawbreaker, Charmed, or Grindhouse: Planet Terror (my personal favorite), a product of the Hollywood machine, has been astonishingly vocal about all of it. After quitting the acting business a few years back after seeing a distorted image of herself on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine in 2010, McGowan decided to take the reins of her career and pivot behind the camera to present her directorial debut, Dawn (reviewed here).

As part of IFP Film Week last weekend, McGowan candidly discussed everything from her latest endeavors (including a book and an small screen project with SeriesFest!) to Hollywood patriarchy and growing up as an actor:

A movie she admires:

The Parent Trap (1961 version, the only one that matters).

On social media:

"To quote Ashton Kutcher, 'Twitter is the only place where an actor can have a voice for themselves.'"

On battling injustice, inequality, and Hollywood fatigue:

"So many directors treat actors like couches that talk. There is no human resources for actors."

Advice she'd give male filmmakers on how to portray genuine women characters:

"Don't just look at how you would consume a movie. Think about your female audience."

On playing Paige on Charmed:

"It was the hardest character I ever played because she was so normal." #Irony

On her reported "feud" with Shannen Doherty:

"One of Shannen's strong points is that if she didn't like you, she told you."

On other Hollywood gripes:

"My biggest problem was working with people who had no clue what they were doing. I often found that I was directing myself."


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