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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

New Digital Series Highlights the Muslim Experience

My podcast co-host, Rebecca Theodore-Vachon, recently stated "The very act of waking up brown in America is a form of activism." It's true; people of color existing in a place in which they are interrogated, stereotyped, and discriminated against is seen as audacious. And choosing not to be silent about their experiences is even courageous--especially during this Trump age in which we live.

Which is why the new digital series, The Secret Life of Muslims, is so important. It's coming at a time when ignorance and racism is not only normalized and given a platform, but rewarded. In these short episodes, Muslims from various walks of life (comedians, store clerks, academic leaders, etc) illuminate what it's like to live in their shoes everyday--from brutal hate crimes, micro-aggressions, profiling, and casual racism.

The series was created by executive producer Joshua Seftel, an Emmy-winning filmmaker (War, Inc., Queer Eye, This American Life), who is joined by executive producer Reza Aslan, New York Times bestselling author and frequent commentator on CNN, NPR, Meet the Press, and The Daily Show.

Each week, through February 2017, a new episode will launch on the Vox Facebook, SLOM Facebook, Vox YouTube pages, CBS Sunday Morning, and on the USA TODAY Network. The first four episodes are already live. I've included the first episode here:

I've seen all four the of the released episodes and I strongly encourage each of you to do the same. 


knitflick said...

These videos are wonderful and very important.

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