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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Director of THE ONE I LOVE Returns With a New Dystopian Love Story Coming Soon to Netflix

If you're like me, you've been feening for a new film from Charlie McDowell, who directed the out-of-nowhere amazing The One I Love, for what seems like forever. That wait is finally over, because Santa's elves over at Netflix present THE DISCOVERY, a new dystopian love story directed and co-written by McDowell, boasting an impressive cast including Robert Redford, Jason Segel, Rooney Mara, and Jesse Plemons. More in the synopsis:

The Discovery stars Robert Redford, Rooney Mara, Jason Segel, Riley Keough and Jesse Plemons and is a love story set in a world where the afterlife has been scientifically proven, and as a result millions of people start taking their own lives to "get there."

Check out the trailer:

I'm ready. THE DISCOVERY premieres on Netflix March 31. 


Brittani Burnham said...

SOLD. I loved The One I Love.

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