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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Steven Yeun's (The Walking Dead) New Film Will World Premiere at SXSW, Others Unveiled in Their Midnight Lineup

If you've been following this blog for a while, then you probably already know that I have a soft spot for genre film. Literally, the darker the better. The kookier the better. So you can imagine my elation when SXSW Film Festival unveiled its list of Midnight features, films they describe as "Scary, funny, sexy, controversial – provocative after-dark features for night owls and the terminally curious."

Both feature and short length, the slate runs the gamut of American and foreign releases, featuring both well-known and lesser known talent. The festival also revealed the remaining list of films in the documentary and animated categories.

Here are some of my favorites:


Game of Death (Canada, France)
Directors: Laurence "Baz" Morais, Sebastien Landry
Screenwriters: Laurence "Baz" Morais, Sebastien Landry, Edouard Bond and adapted by Philip Kalin-Hajdu
In the middle of small-town nowhere, seven friends are forced to kill or be killed when they play the Game of Death. When faced with their own mortality, will they turn on each other to survive?
Cast: Sam Earle, Victoria Diamond, Emelia Hellman, Catherine Saindon, Nick Serino, Erniel Baez D., Thomas Vallieres, Jane Hackett (World Premiere)

Lake Bodom (UK)
Director: Taneli Mustonen
Screenwriters: Taneli Mustonen, Aleksi Hyvärinen
Reconstructing a legendary campsite murder turns fatal when the girls decide to rewrite history. As night falls, turns out not all of them are there to play. 
Cast: Nelly Hirst-Gee, Mimosa William, Mikael Gabriel, Santeri Mäntylä

Director: Joe Lynch
Screenwriter: Matias Caruso
After being framed for corporate espionage on the same day that a mysterious virus is unleashed on his company, attorney Derek Cho is forced to savagely fight tooth and nail for not only his job but his life. 

Cast: Steven Yeun, Samara Weaving, Dallas Mark Roberts, Caroline Chikezie, Mark Stewart Frost, Kerry Fox, Lucy Chappell, Steven Brand (World Premiere)


DeKalb Elementary
Director/Screenwriter: Reed Van Dyk
Inspired by a 911 call placed during a school shooting incident in Atlanta, Georgia. (North American Premiere)

I Know You From Somewhere
Director/Screenwriter: Andrew Fitzgerald
A young woman incurs the wrath of the internet after she inadvertently becomes a viral sensation.

Director/Screenwriter: Charlotte Wells
On a routine morning, a woman on a crowded New York City subway is sexually assaulted in plain sight.


Director: Tarek Turkey
Born female, Nidal has identified as a boy since he was 9, coinciding with his family's escape from Syria. As he matures, he has to deal with the complexity in the confines of a refugee camp and a culture that cannot comprehend gender fluidity. (World Premiere)


Tough (UK)
Director: Jennifer Zheng
Some things can only be understood with maturity. New light is shed on childhood cultural misunderstandings when a Chinese mother and her British born daughter speak as adults for the first time.


Kookie (Canada)
Director/Screenwriter: Justin Harding
Bree, a dishonest 9-year-old receives a terrifying visitor after a parenting lesson goes horribly wrong.

An offshoot of the festival's regular narrative shorts program, composed of work shot in, about, or somehow relating to the Lone Star state, where the SXSW is held.

Director/Screenwriter: Hannah Whisenant
A young girl tries to get close to her absent mother by putting on her makeup, only to realize why she shouldn’t emulate her.

: Rohun Vora
Breakfast is a dramatic piece that explores a morning in the life of a broken marriage.

: Demar Gunter
A young girl must find courage within herself to rebel against an oppressive society.

In case you missed the news, I will be attending the festival next month, which will be held in Austin, Texas March 10-19. VERY psyched. For more information on the festival, visit their website


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I'm here for anything Steven Yeun is in.

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