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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Living For the Music: THE GET DOWN Part II Trailer Emerges

As you may remember, I wasn't gung ho about the first season of Baz Luhrmann's hip-hop origin series, The Get Down, Part I. Mostly because the storylines were so oversaturated. But it had enough good elements to keep me interested to see where part two would go.

And judging by the first trailer (below), it looks like the writers are now wisely focusing on the most intriguing and developed part of the series, the real reason to watch it, the mounting conflict between the rise of hip-hop and disco music—led by two young lovebirds (Justice Smith and Herizen F. Guardiola) caught in the middle. Meanwhile, the stakes are getting higher for DJ Shaolin Fantastic (Shameik Moore) not-so-legal financial lifeline. More in the synopsis:

Part Two of The Get Down picks up in 1978, one year after the events of Part One. The sweeping upheaval of late 70s New York City finds an as-yet-unnamed new pop cultural force striking a new beat in the Bronx, while disco still reigns supreme. Our young lovers Books and Mylene are caught in the swirl of a looming cultural revolution destined to change everything about their world - but they have this moment to make their mark. Amidst the backdrop of a bankrupt New York City, ruthless gangsters and money-hungry record label bosses, they discover it's only their creativity and love that will carry them through -- and that they'll sacrifice everything for their music, and each other. 

Watch the trailer:

The Get Down: Part Two launches on Netflix globally on April 7.


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