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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Get Into It: The Best Anthology Horror Series Out Right Now Was Created, Written, Executive Produced and Directed by a Woman of Color

Those of you who have been following this site for a while know that, try as I might, anthology horror films fail to impress me. They tend to be inconsistent, B minus iterations of the genre that make me shed a single tear (and not in a good way). And I say that as a horror fan. So going into TWO SENTENCE HORROR STORIES, the Stage 13 (a new digital network within the Warner Bros Television Group) production premiering its first episode at Tribeca Film Festival later this week, my expectations were low. Well, color me surprised because this highly original and racially diverse series from Stage 13 of horrifying shorts gives the genre a much needed boost and even injects it with actual gravitas when you least expect it. That's right; it's not all jump scares. There's an actual story, and you're actually interested in it.

And kudos to the woman of color, Vera Miao, a Tribeca Film Institute Fellow, who came up with it (she created, written, executive produced and directed the series). I've seen the fantastic first film in the series, Ma, about a young woman (Wei-Yi Lin) who lives with her traditional mother (Mardy Ma) whose fear of dying is only matched with her fierce attachment to a daughter she no longer knows and can control. When the introduction of a new character (Ayesha Harris) threatens their already fragile bond, the tension rises to a terrifying yet uncomfortably quiet conclusion reminiscent of a classic potboiler.

Watch the trailer:

For more details on the series, visit the Stage 13 website


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