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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Still Not Feeling This BATTLE OF THE SEXES Movie...

Please tell me that Steve Carrell and Emma Stone have much better chemistry in BATTLE OF THE SEXES than they do in the trailer. Also, please tell me that Hollywood is not trying to turn Emma Stone into the next Jennifer Lawrence. And by that I mean that they're not trying to blindly cast her in roles that clearly make no sense for her. (After all, we already endured Gangster Squad, Aloha, and Magic in the Moonlight) .

Anyway, this is just first my first impression of BATTLE OF THE SEXES, the upcoming tennis drama in which Stone plays Billie Jean King and Carrell as Bobby Riggs in the infamous 1973 competition. I've been lukewarm about this project for the past few months when I first heard about it, and I maintain that reaction. It just seems very...meh. But, I guess I'll remain cautiously optimistic.

Check out the trailer:


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